Welcome to Koala-Tee-Life!

Hello and welcome to Koala-Tee-Life!

Koala-Tee-Life exists for one reason: You!

Hi, Bob Arsenault here and I’ll be your guide as we explore quality of life issues. To learn more about me and Koala-Tee-Life click here. I want you to feel comfortable here. Your life is important and making it a quality life is important, too! We all want the same things in life: purpose, health and recreation. That’s why I’m going to be touching on a broad range of subjects.

“Work Smart”

Work hard but work smart

When we look at having purpose,we will recognize the need for provision and income. What people had for opportunity in years past is vastly different than what is available today. As much as things have changed two things remain the same. We need to have a purpose and we need to earn an income. Many people are looking into alternative forms of income. Through our blog, “Work Smart”, we’ll explore some of the concepts available today.

“Live Well”

Living well means a lot of different things to different people. What does living well mean to you? My hope is to have a dialog about that question. For example, my idea of quality life or lifestyle is: “to have the time, energy (health) and resources to do the things I really care about“.

When we identify our purpose and what we “really care about” our quality of life begins to improve. When we have vision for our life, we can see where we’re going. Let’s explore that together! The “Live Well” blog will present information on many different aspects of life with one goal in mind: Your success in building a quality lifestyle!

I would love to have you comment on any blog post I write. Hearing from you would allow me to know you better and, you never know, it may direct where we go together.

“Rest Easy”

In today’s world, rest may seem elusive to some. To some it is outright rejected as everything else is given a higher priority.

In this blog, I will look into what rest can be. Is it exspensive destination spots? Is it vacation at all? Is it just learning to be at peace? Again, this may look very different from person to person.

Join me as I investigate what rest can look like, how we relax and recharge and the role working smart and living well plays in resting easy.

Three Catagories: One “Koala-Tee-Life”

Kubby, the koala

Why “Koala-Tee-Life”? Well, you see “Quality Life” as a domain name was taken! Faced with that challenge, I thought about incorporating some animal into the domain name. Nothing seemed to fit until I considered the Koala. And suddenly, a mascot was born! A pretty cute one, too!

Life can be complicated and hard at times. Having good information can be helpful. Connecting to resources that offer potentially different perspectives and solutions, priceless!

All three catagories play roles vital to creating a quality life. I hope to guide you to relevant information and valuable solutions that may change your life for the better.

Let’s get to know each other

Please, let me know what you’re thinking. There will be a comment section with every blog post that you can use.

Keep in touch!

Email me at: bob@koalateelife.com